Summer: Fire and Water


Summer.  Often our favorite time of year with picnics and the outdoors, warm days and nights and fruits that only taste right when ripened on the vine.  In California, we can approach summer depending on whether we live on the coast–where it will be foggy and grey but still dry–or whether we live inland–were it will be hot and dry.  We can stay in balance with a few simple daily habits:

If we’re on the coast, we need to stay warm with cooked foods that are spiced with mildly pungent and sweet spices and a moderate amount of oil.

If we’re inland, then we can really favor the sweet taste–it’s moistening and nourishing–perfect to balance the dry heat.  We also need to make sure to include fats and oils in our foods for their moisturizing effect on our skin and bodily tissues.

If our digestion is good and we have no ama, we can favor a daily abhyanga to protect our skin from the elements, especially if we are outdoors a great deal.

We can get up a bit earlier, as the days are longer, and go to bed slightly later until the summer solstice.  After the summer solstice, we can follow the day length, and as the days shorten, we can adjust our sleeping times to match.

Daily routine is an important part of health maintenance in Ayurveda–if you need help adjusting your routine or determining what your own “best” practices are, come on in and I’ll help you establish a daily routine that supports good digestion and great health.